KG1 - Introduction to Developing Skills

  • 75%


  • 25%


  1. Develop Emotional and Social skills; Gross & Fine motor Skills; Cognitive Skills and Self Awareness in each child.

  2. Initiate Fine motor skills and Gross motor skills activities

  3. In Term 2 initiate independent work

  4. Learn to Control Emotional Skills (happy, sad, anger..)

  5. Eye-Hand Coordination

  6. Assist in eating habit development: good healthy food and physical development

  7. Early learning development- first day in school

  8. Apply one-to-one Teaching in Term1

  9. Guide in bathroom training development (Students at this stage should be fully potty trained/diaper and bottle free)

  10. Developing Communication skills

  11. Learning through guided work leading towards independent work

KG2 - Continue Developing Skills & Introduce Basic Learning

  • 50%


  • 50%


  1. Exploring Educational Learning Patterns & Routine

  2. Learn to manage emotional skills; gained more self-confidence

  3. Ready to Learn and Explore

  4. Learn to respect other people's property

  5. Develop fine and gross motor skills

  6. Initiate independent work

  7. Develop an open Communication skills; able to communicate in sentences

  8. Implement Social Skills

  9. Independent Eating Habits

  10. Independent Toilet training

KG3 - Basic Learning Skills & Mastered Developing Skills

  • 25%


  • 75%


  1. Introduction to basic subjects and timetable

  2. Independent work/ working on the allotted time

  3. Class participation and discussion interaction (Built more confidence)

  4. Learning awareness; use textbooks, e-books and workbook

  5. Ready for e-book learning; interactive learning skills

  6. Mastered Fine and Gross motor skills

  7. Fine Cognitive skills - Attentive during lessons and can make judgments or comments on concept taught

  8. Mastered communication skills at grade level standard

  9. Developed general knowledge of concept taught

  10. Achieve grade level expectation in all areas

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