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To develop each student’s potential, we offer a wide range of learning
experiences and use their curiosity to foster positive attitudes to learning.

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Stimulate the child’s passion

Creating an attractive educational loving environment for the children while providing various mental and physical activities that will stimulate the feeling comfort.

Fun Educational Methods

We go out of the box in pursuit of unique, fun and entertaining learning techniques to stimulate a child’s mental and social skills.

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Bloom News

Winter Day

Bloom Organised a ‘Winter Day for its students to gain knowledge about winter season around the world. They…
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Career Day

Bloom organised a career day where all students participated for their desired career choices.
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Colours Day

Colours of Bloom were celebrated to promote creativity and the love of art in our students.
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American Curriculum

Bloom is an international school which blends American standardized curriculum with Arabic subjects endorsed by the Saudi MOE (Ministry of Education).
Located in a popular district in Jeddah, Bloom has an attractive, easily accessible building, which is beautifully designed and
structured with the best in-class facilities. The school is well maintained
from a hygiene and safety perspective. Teachers in Bloom are experienced,
qualified and well trained. Bloom also offers after school activities at an
extra fee, therefore provides a unique opportunity to the working mothers
unlike regular schools. Bloom has a fun, loving and learning experience
approach in education through providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum for all its students.

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